Saturday, May 14, 2011

Giant Orc Gets Around

15mm Orc Hott Army

Wow this blog hasn't gotten any action in a long long time.

I hope to start changing that and displaying my work for better or for worse.

Today I am going to put up some long overdue pictures of my Orc HoTT Army.

My magician. I fashioned a few stones out of putty and put two evil looking wizards and one standard bearer on the base.

Picture came out a little poorly but these are my war band and archers. 

These I am proud of as they are 10mm figures which I painted and crammed onto the base for a 4x2 basing making my hords

The Golly Green Giant loves to smash and break skulls! 

Of course you need an orc command!

And all his friends 

Also just for reference here is a comparison of the Eureka 15mm Fantasy figure sizes. I find they are VERY different
Elf Rider (Left), Elf Warrior (Left Middle), Wood Elf (Right Middle) (Dwarf Command Right) and my lonely unbased orc commander (Far Right)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eldar Ranger Photos (Finished Hood Modifcation)

I like to mess around with my figures a bit and do a few weird things. This time I have gone for the Snow Rangers (It could happen! Ohh lighten up ya 40k rule Nazi) Each has a custom camo cloak and one even has some mobile terrain ;-)

Here is the first finished product of the hood modification. I tried to make it look like a large piece of cloth sort of draped over the head so it spills down around them.

Same guy but from the back

Mr. Camo - He is so camo he brings his own tree.

I really like the paint job on this guys camo. Well worth the effort.

Another one with hood modification :)

Another one with hood modification :) This guy I made an extra large one.

And that is that! Hope you enjoyed the Eldar Rangers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Helpful tip for spraying the prime coat

After a few sessions now of spraying figures and coming out of the deal with either figures that fell over or I slipped and touched the figure while trying to rotate them and as a result up having a bad primer coat applied or covered in paint by the end of it. I have been working on a technique to reduce or eliminate it completely and cost almost nothing! There are fancy things you can buy I am sure but here is my tips.

* Get an old box
* Find a strip of wood / foam / anything the length of the box, about 1" high and "1 deep.
* Glue the strip inside the box so you have a little platform inside the box
* Now your paint box is done! This is only the start though.

* Rip small squares of cardboard 1.5" or so squares.
* Apply a small amount of Blu-tack (Or some sort of putty like substance). Blu-tack is great because it won't harden to your figures. Anyhow! Get something sticky on the cardboard pieces. You don't need much! Just enough to keep the figure on the piece of cardboard later. Your not traveling or turning it upside down so a little is fine.

* Now when you are ready just stick down your figures.

* I usually put between 1 and 3 figures in the box
* Spray away!
* To rotate grab the cardboard and rotate 90 degrees! Easy. If you don't want your fingers to get paint on them (as the cardboard has some on it) you can either wait for it to quick dry or wear some surgical gloves. Your choice.

Well as I say in most posts I am no expert but I find there is little help on the net about this kind of stuff so here you go!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Eldar Ranger - Hood Modification Part II


Well this morn I got up early eager to see the greenstuff dry and it was ready! So I set to work with a wet/dry S85 abrasive sand paper. To start with I was a bit worried this might damage the entire job but I would recommend this to everyone who does any modifications which have even the slightest bit of finger prints. I would say the sanding job was a success and decided to take some more pictures (Also iggnore the cat hair.. it isn't in the greenstuff it just floats around and sticks to everything in our house)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Eldar Ranger - Hood Modification


I have a certain affinity for Rangers in all kinds of fantasy games. My name, Arginal, was born from a ranger type and continued on throughout games.

As such, my Eldar army must contain a strong presence of rangers and pathfinders, but I was disheartened a little when I got my first box of rangers that two of them were un-hooded! What is that all about? 95% of all other eldar are wearing the Eldar style helm but 2 of 5 of these guys have some kind of scalped head with a long pony tail. It had to go! So with a few discussions with my cohort in crime with the miniatures I decided to mod the two odd balls. I thought a nice wide hood would give a nice impression, one of those large hoods that are attached and removed easily.

So here is my first mod ever in Warhammer! Please take note that I DO see some of the finger lines but I have to wait for it to dry completely before I go in with the light sandpaper.

Now if anyone is wondering how I got this done here are the steps I went through. It should be noted that I am NOT an expert or even proficient in this kind of modeling (yet), but I always feel that people sharing their methods helps everyone in the long run.

1) Read this website! The UK Site has a great turorial and demo of how to use GreenStuff Check it out here
2) Used a glad wrap bag as my working space. Added a bit of water as the above site mentions.
3) Cut a bit of the blue and yellow stuff and got to work mixing it. I kept my fingers moist whenever I felt things starting to stick.
4) Flattened the greenstuff on the plastic and smoothed it out best I could.
5) Carefully lined up the left shoulder with the edge of the green stuff.
6) Draped the greenstuff over the head and shaped the hood as I went long with small waves by pushing the greenstuff towards itself.
7) If there was a lot of excess greenstuff I would use my knife (with water on it!) and cut away the offending area(s)
8) Smooth the greenstuff into the model where I found it would normally lay
9) Sit back and admire the handy work!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Sister is Born

Hello again!

I have gotten around to being at home during a weekend and was able to take a picture of a newly fished Sister of Repentia.

I am learning a great deal about painting through these figures because they contain many different parts all of which require lots of attention! I probably should have picked something a bit easier for my first set but hey I couldn't resit the looks of these girls ;-)

SO! A run down on what I think is cool or interesting about this one.
* Blood Lashes - How cool is that? Their leader (The Mistress) literally whips them into a psychotic fury. If you have a keen eye on this picture you will notice a whip lash in an interesting place.
* Highlights on the boots and blue cloth
* Teeth on the chain saw - oh how the gleam
* Wax seal on the chain sword

Well here she is!